CIC is a Clearinghouse which processes Automobile, No Fault and Workers' Compensation bills and supporting documents via the integration of the Internet and the Health Care Financing Administration's universal bill, the HCFA-1500.

Electronic submission of bills and supporting documents to Insurance Carriers result in faster payments, greater accuracy and increased cash flow. CIC has the ability to connect through its Electronic Data Interface (EDI) to every medical billing application and Insurance Carrier in the country and its interface is available in 50 states.
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GEICO has selected Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse (CiC) to provide processing for the electronic submission of medical bills and supporting documents. This partnership was created to be in compliance with NJ State Bill S-2137 Electronic medical bills for Automobile Insurance Claims effective September 1, 2019.
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iHCFA, LLC is now Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse
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Concordia Care, Inc. Reveals New Corporate Identity: Carisk Partners Provides Specialty Risk Transfer and Quality Care Coordination for Complex Catastrophic Cases
Carisk Partners reflects future vision and evolved business model.

MIAMI – September 12, 2018 – Specialty risk transfer and quality care coordination leader Concordia Care, Inc. (Concordia) announces a new national brand identity designed to reflect its refined business model and strategic vision of bringing end-to-end solutions to the workers’ compensation and auto injury markets. Following a series of coordinated acquisitions, the evolved brand Carisk Partners unifies the merger of Concordia Behavioral Health, a managed behavioral health organization, Concordia Casualty a specialty risk-transfer company, Atlantic Imaging Group, a nationwide radiology management services company, and the proprietary iHCFA Intelligent Clearinghouse technology.

Beginning September 12, 2018, Concordia will change its name to Carisk Partners (Carisk) and transition all its business entities over a six-month period of time. The name Carisk represents the combined approach of providing quality care coordination with effective risk-transfer solutions. The new logo icon purposefully leverages Concordia’s original "two hearts as one" evolving it to symbolize a balance achieved through their innovative approach.

"We are proud to announce the launch of Carisk Partners, a bold, energetic, and forward-looking company with a brand logo and corporate identity that symbolizes our future and supports our growth," says Joseph Berardo, Jr., CEO, Carisk. "Too often we see a division between the roles of quality care coordination and risk transfer and our goal is to bridge that gap. The name Carisk marries the combined strength of our organic and acquired products and services under one nationally recognized name as we provide quality care and risk transfer solutions to meet our customers changing business needs."

Leveraging the collective depth of the behavioral health, imaging, clearinghouse and outcomes business units, Carisk brings over 20 years of experience to the workers’ compensation and no-fault auto markets to improve outcomes and facilitate the closing of claims. Carisk’s Pathways 2 Recovery solution addresses both clinical and behavioral health components in delayed recovery and complex, catastrophic cases.

"The Carisk model is designed for the early identification and intervention of high-risk cases by capturing and analyzing data from multiple source systems, including our Intelligent Clearinghouse solution, and integrating it into an enterprise platform," continues Berardo.

"Carisk leverages our clinical team’s expertise to develop optimal treatment plans that are executable through our extensive networks of quality specialty providers to improve outcomes and reduce long-term cost of care for our clients."

He points to the significance of the new logo design, adding, "At the heart of the Carisk model, as represented in our brand logo, is an exceptional team of professionals whose strength comes from a desire to further our mission of providing compassionate care. As a unified organization, we can provide the best care possible for high-risk patients and deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions for our customers and strategic partners."

Existing brands will also be transitioned in an effort to further unify all products and services under the Carisk name: Carisk Outcomes (formerly Concordia Casualty), Carisk Behavioral Health (formerly Concordia Behavioral Health), Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse (formerly iHCFA) and Carisk Imaging (formerly Atlantic Imaging Group) will change names on September 12 with no alteration or interruption in services provided.

About Carisk Partners

Carisk (formerly Concordia Care, Inc) is a specialty risk transfer, care coordination company serving insurers, government entities, self-insured plan sponsors and other managed care organizations. With a foundation in behavioral health, Carisk’s combined end-to-end solutions include risk-transfer and care coordination of delayed recovery and complex, catastrophic cases. Carisk guarantees to improve outcomes and reduce long-term cost of care for its clients by leveraging its biopsychosocial methods, extensive networks of quality providers and proprietary technologies modeled for the early identification and intervention of high-risk patients. Carisk is the first and only Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization with dual accreditations from both the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare, Inc. (AAAHC). Visit to learn more.

The New York State Workers' Compensation Board (Board) will replace the current Board treatment forms with the CMS-1500 to help reduce paperwork and lower provider administrative burdens.
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Board Announces Technical Specifications for CMS-1500 Initiative

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As of 12/1/2016 ALL charges for submitting Electronic Claims to the New York State Insurance Fund will be paid by NYSIF when submitting claims through iHCFA.

The New York State Insurance Fund's (NYSIF) state-of-the-art process for the electronic receipt of medical bills and supporting documents is a major improvement in customer service through advanced technology . . .    more

North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance’s implementation of electronic receipt of professional workers’ compensation bills and supporting documents is a major improvement in the billing process. . . .    more

  • We're pleased to announce a strategic e-billing partnership with drchrono, a leading EHR and billing technology company. See our press release featured in our blog this page.

  • iHCFA announces system enhancements allowing providers to submit all bills and attachments electronically, including billing to carriers that do not accept electronic attachments.

  • The only clearinghouse certified to submit the Ancillary Medical Report and OT/PT electronically in New York.

  • First EDI solution for transacting auto and workers' compensation bills with attachments - since July, 2000

  • Paperless billing to insurers nationwide with no set-up fees

Providing Workers' Compensation benefits, Disability, Volunteer Firefighters', Volunteer Ambulance Workers' and Volunteer Civil Defense Workers' benefits on behalf of their customers . . .  more