iHCFA is a Clearinghouse which processes Automobile, No Fault and Workers' Compensation bills and supporting documents via the integration of the Internet and the Health Care Financing Administration's universal bill, the HCFA-1500.

Electronic submission of bills and supporting documents to Insurance Carriers result in faster payments, greater accuracy and increased cash flow. iHCFA has the ability to connect through its Electronic Data Interface (EDI) to every medical billing application and Insurance Carrier in the country and its interface is available in 50 states.
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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Signs EDI Bill S-2136 into Law Requiring all Workers' Compensation Providers and Payors to use EDI Compliant Solution
Posted By allen.spokane@ihcfa.com on Wed, Nov 16, 2016 @ 11:33 AM


iHCFA Well Positioned to Support New Jersey’s EDI Law for Electronic Filing of Medical Bills for Worker’s Compensation Claims

Morristown, NJ. (November 14, 2016) - iHCFA, LLC an industry leading clearinghouse, specializing in the electronic processing of Workers Compensation and Automobile bills, announced today that it is poised to support healthcare Providers and insurance payors in implementing the new S-2136 Electronic Data Interface (EDI) bill signed into law today by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 

 The new law requires all Workers Compensation, Third Party Administrators and Employers who receive medical bills to accept the bills and their medical reports electronically. All healthcare Providers and Hospitals that submit over twenty-five (25) bills per month are also required to submit their bills and medical reports electronically.  The Department of Banking and Insurance will utilize the national standard ASC X-12 electronic data exchange protocols found in all modern billing systems.

 Company President, Dr. William J. DeGasperis, stated, “this law moves New Jersey into the 21st century and will result in lower costs, greater accountability, productivity and a better working relationship between the Provider and insurance payor.  iHCFA is uniquely positioned to help clients comply with this new law because of our ability to connect to any medical billing system and link to more than 1,000 insurance payors and third-party administrators,” said DeGasperis.

 The benefit for healthcare providers managing their revenue cycles through e-billing, besides faster payment, is the increased efficiency of direct point to point communication between the insurance carrier and the Provider billing system. The elimination of lost bills and an overall reduction in administrative costs and burdens results in a more effective, efficient process. Providers currently submit over 95% of all Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare bills electronically yet submit only 10% of all Workers Compensation and Auto bills.  Payors receive faster notification of claims through the e-billing process, more accurate and complete first-time bills and medical documents, better communication and a significant reduction in paper and mail room processing. These all lead to decreased costs and eliminate reliance on antiquated manual processing.

iHCFA, a New Jersey based clearinghouse, specializes in electronically processing Workers Compensation and Automobile bills with all supporting documents. iHCFA is an industry leader with the ability to connect to any medical billing system and link to more than 1,000 insurance payors and third-party administrators in all 50 states. iHCFA users can access a web based system to perform bill validation, review processing status including acceptance or rejection and payment notifications.

 For more Information on IHCFA please visit www.ihcfa.com or contact our sales department at sales@ihcfa.com.


iHCFA now Accepts and Processes the Pennsylvania LIBC-9 Form!
Posted By Allen.spokane@ihcfa.com on Fri, Jan 29, 2016 @ 9:45 AM


iHCFA is pleased to announce that effective today, iHCFA will accept and process the Pennsylvania LIBC-9 form.  The LIBC-9 form is titled as the “Workers' Compensation Medical Report Form.”  iHCFA will process this form electronically to all payors on our electronic payer list.  All non-electronic payors will receive the form through our print to mail service. 

iHCFA is a leader in developing an integrated billing process for the electronic processing of worker’s compensation medical bills including supporting documentation. With nearly 15 years’ of experience, iHCFA is an innovator in helping customers use electronic billing solutions to solve problems, streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs.

If you are interested in submitting LIBC-9 forms electronically, please contact our sales Department at 973-795-1641, extension 200 or sales@ihcfa.com.

iHCFA Announces the Launch of direct connection to POMCO!
Posted By allen.spokane@ihcfa.com on Tue, Dec 01, 2015 @ 1:18 AM


IHCFA is pleased to announce its Direct Electronic Connection to POMCO. 
This is a direct electronic connection for WC claims. Providers utilizing
iHCFA for paper submissions will be converted to electronic submission.
Providers that wish to submit WC claims electronically should add the
following Payor ID:

POMCO [Electronic] as the carrier and POM001 as the payer ID

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ihcfa helpdesk 
at 973-795-1641 or support@ihcfa.com

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As of 12/1/2016 ALL charges for submitting Electronic Claims to the New York State Insurance Fund will be paid by NYSIF when submitting claims through iHCFA.

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  • We're pleased to announce a strategic e-billing partnership with drchrono, a leading EHR and billing technology company. See our press release featured in our blog this page.

  • iHCFA announces system enhancements allowing providers to submit all bills and attachments electronically, including billing to carriers that do not accept electronic attachments.

  • The only clearinghouse certified to submit the Ancillary Medical Report and OT/PT electronically in New York.

  • First EDI solution for transacting auto and workers' compensation bills with attachments - since July, 2000

  • Paperless billing to insurers nationwide with no set-up fees

Providing Workers' Compensation benefits, Disability, Volunteer Firefighters', Volunteer Ambulance Workers' and Volunteer Civil Defense Workers' benefits on behalf of their customers . . .  more