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CIC is a New York Workers Compensation Board Authorized XML Submission Partner having proven compliance with the Board's requirements for the electronic submission of the EC-4NARR and have executed the required legal agreement with the Workers' Compensation Board.

CIC is the only Clearinghouse in the Country to be certified for electronic submission of both the:

   NY Workers' Compensation  EC-4NARR
   NY Workers' Compensation  AMR

Medical providers who do not use the new C-4 forms, on or after, April 1, 2009 will be penalized. If the medical provider fails to submit the correct Board prescribed form, the liable self-insured employer, insurance carrier, third-party administrator, Re-opened Case Fund, or the State Insurance Fund is not required to pay the medical provider for any examinations, services and/or treatments included in the documentation submitted. In addition, the Board will investigate why the doctor is not using the correct new form and if warranted issue an administrative warning or commence temporary suspension or revocation proceedings.

The Board changed the new C-4 to strengthen the entire workers' compensation system for all parties, providers included. More information is now gathered up front for each case. This will reduce the number of disputed cases, so benefits will flow more quickly to injured workers and provider reimbursement will arrive faster. This increased emphasis on information accelerates the pace of all cases, so benefits across the system should see less delay.

The four page C-4 will only be accepted if mailed to the Board. The EC-4NARR may be submitted directly to the Board electronically through your existing medical billing software utilizing the services of CIC. The EC-4 NARR will also be accepted by ALL Workers' Compensation carriers as a universal bill both electronically and via the mail.

The New York State Workers' Compensation Board created the EC-4 NARR to allow providers to submit their own supporting medical records in the provider's unique format. The EC-4NARR is similar to the HCFA-1500 with a medical report. When submitted electronically with supporting documents, the new EC-4 NARR is much quicker and easier to use.

CIC will submit a single bill and supporting documents electronically to the New York Workers Compensation Board at a cost usually less than a stamp.